The system integrates with any timetable construction system, the application allows the carrier to create timetables independently, i.e. define relations, nodes, stop stations for the passenger. Timetables are synchronized via a GSM / WLAN network and, if necessary, a USB device.

  • Information on the displayed information system values ​​on the vehicle
  • Timetables, nodes
  • Management of voice announcements for individual railway stations


  • Communication with the passenger via the network
  • Captive Portal, limiting traffic and connection time, terms of service for the passenger
  • Filtering network traffic
  • Reports and statistics of WIFI users Multimedia for the passenger
  • Service integration with each entity providing WIFI and marketing services
  • SIM card management



  • Encrypted SSL connection 
  • Tunneling VPN traffic, IPSEC
  • Aggregation of GSM modems into one physical link
  • Up to 16 LTE modems
  • 2.4 / 5 GHZ WLAN connectivity at parking stations and service halls
  • Geolocation on the map - allows tracking of moving vehicles, determining the current position and speed on the map, planning a service action on the holding field
  • Quality of service - SLA connections for individual routes

The video monitoring system has an innovative pantograph monitoring module using artificial intelligence algorithms.
Events are recorded and sent to the central application.

  • Detection of electric arc discharges between pantograph structure and overhead lines
  • Tracking of overhead lines and alerting zigzag movements outside limits
  • Using artificial intelligence alghoritmics
  • Real-time obstacle detection
  • Alert drivers of nearby vehicles, people and animals


Analyzes passenger flows, alerts about overcrowded vehicles, allows you to adjust the correct frequency of journeys on a given line. Together with the data correlation with the ticket sales and validation system, it allows the carrier to increase passenger comfort and eliminate empty journeys.

  • Provides information on the number of passengers in a given vehicle, route parameters such as: number of the line, course, names of stops, brigades, transport tasks
  • It allows you to manually add lines and stops along with entering your GPS position or integration with any passenger information system from which all information about a given route is imported
  • The reporting module enables the analysis of collected data and supports the carrier in optimizing transport tasks, timetables, service actions, as well as the use of data in forecasting passenger streams during holiday, holiday or non-working days


Video recording from internal and external IP cameras allows you to verify and determine the course of events inside the vehicle as well as collisions and road accidents. The application allows you to schedule tasks of remote video collection from selected vehicles and to download material via the HMI terminal in the cabin on a USB drive

  • It uses the same ETHERNET infrastructure as other vehicle systems and can be integrated with them e.g. in the field of metadata retrieval from the passenger information system such as line number, brigade number, stop names
  • Analysis
  • Saved images
  • Remote download of video material
  • Archiving


The operator's virtual cockpit allows you to track the operation of IT and TCMS systems in real time. A detailed and legible view of the operation of IT systems on the graphic chart allows proactive monitoring and taking service actions before the vehicle appears in the service hall.

  • Mail alerts
  • Operator virtual HMI
  • Tracking vehicles, GPS position, speed
  • Analysis and visualization of data from CAN
  • Monitoring the status of the devices in the vehicle
  • Recreation of the journey history




  • Graphical presentation of diagnostics on an online wagon available on mobile devices
  • The ability to restore archive data
  • Filtering of alarm states
  • Create your own event search filters






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LEDATEL sp. z o.o. i Wspólnicy sp.k.
Headquarters | Terespolska 144, 05-074 Nowy Konik
T | +48 22 621 75 69
M | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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